"Neither of us had played an instrument before and our progress can be attributed to Dan's ability as a teacher and the patience and enthusiasm he exhibits. The lessons are challenging however Dan helps to keep my daughter motivated to keep learning and practising and she leaves each lesson feeling that she's learnt something new. I would highly recommend Dan to any parent who is interested in introducing their child to the guitar."


"After I finished my course at BIMM I was looking for somewhere to continue my guitar studies part time. BGA was absolutely perfect! All the material we covered on the Advanced Course really pushed my playing forwards. I now have a much clearer understanding of Modes and Scales, and I can play a hell of a lot faster!"


"I've been learning with Bradley through BGA for around four months now and I've really noticed the improvement in my technique. I was self taught many years ago and Bradley's tuition has been invaluable in breaking me out of bad habits and it's helped me more than I thought possible. Bradley is a great teacher – very patient, easy going, and great to be around. His knowledge of theory is outstanding and he's very good at sharing that knowledge in a practical way. I've learnt many different styles of music through my lessons with Bradley which has been a lot of fun. I've enjoyed my lessons so far with Bradley a great deal and I'm looking forward to working with him for a long time to come."


"Lessons at BGA are like a breath of fresh air – uplifting and inspiring. Always light, bright and upbeat Dan gently and skillfully guides you through all the highs and lows, joys and frustrations that learning guitar will bring. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and infinite patience he has the ability to tune in to exactly your level and adapt the lessons to meet your needs at the time, taking you forward at your pace, not his."


"I have been taking lesson with Darren at Brighton Guitar Academy for over 6 months. Darren is a very organised teacher. He structures his lessons in a way that helps me improve. He has a good idea what my level is and works around that base to help me achieve my full potential. In addition to a formal and structure lesson, he lets me do the songs I want and makes me work on my weakest points of thatsong and then takes it on to a solo or riff to help me. Darren has a great knowledge of his instrument and the different styles of guitar (e.g.: blues, rock…) and has help me discover new artists and expend my musical knowledge. I feel I have improved greatly thanks to his lessons. He is a great teacher and I highly recommend him and guitar academy. "


"Dan's lesson's strike a fine balance between theory and practice. He has greatly extended my understanding of the electric guitar and my playing ability, both actually and potentially. His patience, clarity of explanation, learning checks, and inspirational support - while yet pushing you to work out things yourself - make him a truly excellent guitar teacher."


"I began learning to play the guitar with BGA as a complete beginner, with little experience of playing music. From the start, I've been impressed by both their friendly and supportive approach to teaching and the well constructed course, which has included a range of musical styles and techniques that I never would have learnt without their help. I'm amazed by how much I've progressed in a short space of time!"


"My 8yr old daughter has been having lessons with Brighton Guitar Aacdemy for just short of a year. She has learned so much in that short time and is displaying good knowledge of the instrument. Dan is an absolutely amazing teacher - Super patient and calm. She loves her guitar lessons! I would certainly recommend Brighton Guitar Academy!"


Further Testimonials

We are lucky enough to have plenty of students who have good things to say about Brighton Guitar Academy, and they are all extremely willing to write something online for us. Here is a link to our Guitar lessons Brighton Google page where you can find many more testimonials and 5 star reviews. Thank you to everyone who has put a good word in for us, we really appreciate it.

Google Reviews for Brighton Guitar Academy

Student achievements - Guitar Grades

Recent Students who have done well in their Grades

guitar lessons brighton grades success

We do offer Guitar grades for students that want to get an official qualification from their instrument. We are extremely proud to say that we have a 100% pass rate on the grades, and 70% of our students get a distinction. Recent passes have been Josh Pike (pictured to the left), who completed his Grade 1 exam. Joshua Craske completed and passed his Grade 4 Rockschool exam just before flying off to America to play some blues for a month! One of Darren's students, Lewie, passed his Grade 6 exam with flying colors which we were all very pleased to hear about and Lewie is a very talented player and fully deserved to sail through that Grade.

Student achievements - Other Achievments

Congratulations Daisy!

guitar lessons brighton achievments

This month at Daisy's school she was asked to prepare and perform a song on the guitar. We decided to get together 'Brown Eyed Girl' by Van Morrison. I am more than happy to announce that not only did Daisy stand up in front of the whle school to play the song, but she also one the competition and then played in front of all the parents at the school! A natural performer?! Yes indeed. I am very proud of Daisy, as performance can be extremely hard, but she pulled it off and played a "beautiful version" of the song according to her mum, Kefi.