Brighton Guitar lessons - Guitar Lessons From The Most Dedicated Guitar Tutors In Brighton & Hove

Brighton Guitar Academy offer guitar lessons from the most experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic tutors around. With guitar tutors teaching from home studios in Brighton and Hove you are guaranteed first class guitar lessons that are conveniently located to suit YOU.

We run part time 10 week guitar courses from Beginner, to Advanced Level, all designed to make YOU a better player. Lessons run either once weekly or fortnightly, and you can also book 'pay as you go' guitar lessons designed around you, as and when you need.

Our guitar lessons guarantee your best possible progress! The courses and lessons are designed to be fun, yet are packed with all the information you need to become a strong confident guitarist, whilst giving you an understanding of the theory behind classic songs. Our selection of very talented guitar tutors have a huge amount of experience and fully understand the course, allowing them to cater each individual guitar lesson to your needs.

Our guitar courses and individual guitar lessons include the following:

  • Foundation (For Children Age 6-12)
  • Beginners (Suitable for Teenagers to Adults)
  • Intermediate (For Guitarists who have been Playing a year or more)
  • Advanced (For Experienced Players looking to super charge their skills).

To give you an idea of what we do, we offer a no obligation trial lesson, where you can come and check out your tutors home studio in either Brighton or Hove (or book a lesson with our home visits guitar tutor), then discuss your goals and aims, look through any course material, and basically get started!

You can always call us on: 01273 530679 or drop us an email HERE

Brighton Guitar Academy Blog

Here are the two most recent posts from our BLOG PAGE - including free guitar lessons, guitar tutor information, Brighton Guitar Academy student updates, Student songs, useful information and essentially anything and everything we think you might be interested in as students to the guitar!

Mastering Guitar Bends Guitar lesson

Mastering Guitar Bends

Here we have a quick little solo for you to learn that features pretty much all the different types of bends you’ll ever need! This is a video I did (Dan) for a cool company called Riffstation and they have published them on YouTube. We look at 1/4 bends, 1/2 bends, whole bends, whole 1/2 bends and even 2 tone bends for those of you who want to give them a go! This is a definite intermediate guitar lesson, so if you are...

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Smells Like Teen Spirit Lesson (2 of 2)

Smells Like Teen Spirit Intro

In this second lesson (of 2) we will be learning the second half of the intro to Smells like teen Spirit by Nirvana. This is an absolute classic, and is surprisingly tricky to absolutely master. It involves power chords, dead notes, and some pretty intense strumming patterns that you almost certainly won’t have seen before. This song is a great example of how a strumming pattern can make a song, so make sure you get it exactly as it should be!...

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